by todor on August 24, 2014, 11:12 am

This is a prototype developed by the tech startup company VRVANA. Totem includes two cameras that are used for positional tracking, as an external sensor system. These cameras can also be used for AR features.

With an unrivaled 120° field of view in both augmented and virtual reality, Totem is about complete immersion into blended worlds. The unique front facing cameras allow you to see, and then augment, the world around you. With Totem there is no need for outside cameras or laser tracking systems. Merging the virtual and the real, Totem is more than virtual reality. Patent pending hardware architecture that delivers sub 20ms latency in both Augmented and Virtual Reality scenarios. Team members from around the world can work together – looking at and manipulating virtual objects from different angles. Totem’s video passthrough technology goes beyond virtual reality. It blends live video and motion recognition into a software controlled virtual world. Imagine designing your kitchen with a professional inside a virtual space: go ahead and change the cupboards and change the colour!