by todor on August 22, 2016, 9:21 pm

Dexmo captures full range of your hand motion and procides force feedback. With it you can feel the size, shape, and stiffness of virtual objects. Compare to other force feedback devices, Dexmo is very light. It can run on battery power and work wirelessly for a relatively long time. Dexmo captures 11 DoF of users' hand motion. The mechanical linkage nature makes the readings much more robust compared to IMUs.

Dexmo FAQ

What devices are Dexmo compatible with?
Dexmo comes with its own SDK, LibDexmo, which could work in any simulated 3D environment. You can use it with Oculus, HTC Vive, PSVR, Hololens and potentially any other AR/VR/MR solutions.

How is Dexmo different compared to other motion capturing devices?
Motion Capturing (mocap) is relatively easy to do. Dexmo is unique because on top of mocap capability, it provides force feedback ability, which fundamentally distinguishes it from other mocap devices.

Who are the competitors?
Nobody in the market can offer our level of immersive force feedback experience yet. There are companies using vibration motors or electrodes for feedback, but these methods don't stop your hands from going through virtual objects, which greatly reduces immersion.

What is the latency?
Overall latency is between 25 and 50 ms. Most motion capture devices only needs to send the data back to the computer. Since Dexmo both sends and receives information due to its force feedback feature, our latency includes this unavoidable roundtrip time.

How long can the battery last?
Each Dexmo contains 2400mAh batteries and the device can work wirelessly for 4 hours under normal use, and over an hour under intensive use. With larger battery capacities, the operation time can be further increased.

Will Dexmo cause potential harm to users?
Dexmo is safe. The maximum torque output of each finger force feedback module is A human finger can provide an average torque of so there is no way Dexmo cause injury, even in the extremely unlikely event of the device malfunctioning.